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As self-publishing and hybrid publishing continue to develop and revolutionize the industry with options such as e-books, paperbacks, and audiobooks, there’s never been a better time to pursue your dream of becoming a published author. Midnight Publishing is an editing, writing, and marketing company based out of Phoenix, Arizona, and our staff has made it a mission to help clients locally and internationally to see their writing dreams all the way to publication.

We’ve written lengthy posts about certain channels of publication, different paperback printing sources, how to set up an audiobook through Amazon’s ACX program and more (find it all in Midnight Publishing’s archives here!), but we have yet to discuss the current resources (as of early 2017) for self-publishing hardcover books. So let’s explore that today, and as always, we want to invite you to reach out to Midnight Publishing’s award-winning staff of editors and writers for a free editing sample and to discuss your project today. Below are three of the most popular hardcover printing companies utilized by independent authors currently, that offer the most perfect bound book printing services!

Resources for Printing Hardcover Books on Demand

1. BookBaby

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2. Ingram Spark

3. Lulu

  • Two available sizes for hardcover: 6 x 9 and 8.25 x 10.75, and two available styles: case laminate (priced at $10.13 USD per book), and an additional full-color dust jacket ($13.13 USD per book).
  • Linen color choices for hardcover include: blue, black, red, green, tan or gray, and jacket finish choices include matte or gloss.
  • Spine text color choices include: gold, white or black.
  • Price estimation for an 80,000-word novel with dust jacket at 6 x 9 size and 378 pages: $20.21 USD per book (not including taxes and shipping). Without dust jacket: $17.21 USD per book.
  • Explore more printing options and price choices here.

Whether you’ve just begun mapping out your book idea, have a manuscript in need of a structural edit or grammatical cleanup, or are preparing to find a distribution service and need a final proofread, Midnight Publishing is your number one editing and writing choice in Phoenix! Contact us today to discuss your project and get scheduled. We’ve been trusted with over five million words since opening our doors; find out why today!