Midnight Publishing has been assisting authors as a Phoenix book editor, ghostwriter, and publishing consultant for nearly a decade. We’ve worked with hundreds of bestselling and award-winning authors, many of whom were self-publishing or considering that avenue. Over the years we’ve received many of the same questions from clients and writers new to the field. Midnight Publishing realized that in order to best serve anyone interested in self-publishing, we should share our industry experts’ knowledge.

So we created an industry experts’ guide to self-publishing your best-seller in 2019! This comprehensive, 50-page guide is available for an incredibly affordable price of $18.99. (Interested in traditional publishing, hybrid publishing or all 3 avenues? We have a guide for each, and the option to bundle all 3 guides and save!)

Highlights from our Self-Publishing Your Bestseller in 2019: The Industry Experts’ Guide

In our 2019 guide to self-publishing your book, we address the most frequent and pressing questions writers. The pros and cons of self-publishing, our professional insights on freelancers to collaborate with, and how to successfully self-publish in 2019 in a manner that’s cost-effective while still increasing your chances for that coveted bestseller status. Some of the key points from our self-publishing your bestseller in 2019 guide include:

-In-depth details of the advantages of self-publishing. This includes personal control, retaining rights to your work indefinitely, expected profits and royalties, and your responsibilities as author and publisher.

  • Remembering that e-book and paperback distributors keep a cut of the profits in order to sell books on their platforms, and examining those figures.
  • Filing taxes for self-published authors.
  • How to market your self-published book, run a promotion, and take advantage of free social media platforms.
  • Which authors and entrepreneurs could be best-suited to this avenue of self-publishing? For instance, how those who are writing memoirs, poetry, and niche work, or already have a large online following, and/or are under a limited time constraint could benefit and why.