The holidays are right around that corner. This time of year provides additional hurdles for many authors who are trying to stay motivated with their writing. Keeping your writing and your word count up is difficult. Busy work schedules, travel, afternoons spent shopping, cooking, and so much more can make writing seem like the last thing you have the time or energy to doMidnight Publishing is right there with you. As a group of professional ghostwriters and editors, we know the “pain” of juggling one’s book manuscript with the rest of life’s priorities.

No one is forcing you to write your book. Thus self-discipline is of the utmost importance when it comes to working on it, especially during the holidaysIt is especially important to stay motivated and keep writing.

Tried and True Tips to Stay Motivated with Your Writing

1. #Wordsprints

We’ve waxed poetic about these in the past, and that’s because they’re just so dang effective! Wordsprints are a joint effort by writers, usually on Twitter. Authors begin writing at the same time and typically “sprint” for 30 minutes or so, at which point everyone compares their completed word count. Not only is this effective if you’re competitive, but it’s a much easier chunk of time to handle when scheduling your time to write. Two #wordsprints at 500 to 750 words per half hour could mean you’ve got nearly 1,500 words in one hour! Be sure to use the hashtag to find fellow sprinting authors on social media.

word sprints

2. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

NaNoWrimo is a global challenge that occures every November (so now!). It is a great way to get yourself into a writing mindset heading into the holiday season. But what is it? For the whole month of November, authors and inspiring writers devote the month to completing 50,000 words in their manuscript. Writers can work from scratch on new manuscript or finish one that has been sitting around for a while. This challenge is great for crave community and want to share their daily work count success.

Read Midnight Publishing NaNoWriMo blog post here to learn all you need to know about this inspirational annual event!

3. Wattpad/Fiction Press

Several years ago, websites like Wattpad and Fiction Press began cropping up with one goal in mind. They want  to provide freshly written material to new readers everywhere for free. Both Fiction Press and Wattpad encourage interaction among their communities,