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The holidays are a time of family, friends, gift-giving, and cheer. But it’s important to remember that not everyone has a family close by (or at all) to visit. Nor may they be able to eat at a table full of homemade food or sleep in a warm bed they can call their own. So in Midnight Publishing’s hometown, we wanted to share how you can support these Arizona organizations.

Midnight Publishing has been providing editing, ghostwriting, and marketing help to authors in the Phoenix, AZ area for nearly a decade. However, what some of our clients might not know is our staff’s steadfast commitment in our support to these Arizona organizations. This holiday season we wanted our blog readers to consider supporting some of our favorite local organizations, through donations, in-person volunteering, or sharing the word with others.

Support These Three Arizona Organizations

  1. Phoenix Rescue Mission

Near and dear to our founder and CEO Lauren Wise’s heart, this organization provides assistance for hunger, addiction, and homelessness of Arizona residents. They accomplish this mission with Christ-based programs like  Hope for Hunger food bank and the Changing Lives Center (a faith-based long-term recovery program for women and children). You can help via hands-on volunteering and starting collections/drives for food/clothes/toiletries. You can also donate to the organization with financial support or canned goods, retail programs, cars/RVs/transport vehicles or a variety of other ways.

  1. Arizona Animal Welfare League

As Arizona’s longest-running no-kill shelter (since 1971!), Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) provides shelter, care, fostering and adoption for thousands of dogs and cats. At any one time AAWL houses 190 dogs and 140 cats, many of which are taken in from Maricopa’s county shelters to avoid euthanasia. Here they are treated for any injuries/illnesses, spayed/neutered, and cared for until they’re available for adoption.

AAWL has several programs for volunteers to get involved with, including their foster program (our Managing Editor Ashley R. Carlson is a long-time kitten foster parent and volunteer). You can also work in the cattery or dog kennels or organize fundraisers. Additionally, you can donate funds for animal food, care, etc. here or blankets, beds, food, litterboxes, etc. to the shelter in person.

  1. Lifting Hands International

Founded in 2016 by Chandler resident Hayley Smith, LHI is an Arizona-based organization dedicated to providing clothes, blankets, food, enrichment activities and more essentials to Syrian refugees who have been displaced in the last few years due to conflict. LHI has several programs both internationally and here in Phoenix that volunteers can get involved with—resettlement opportunities for refugee families who’ve come to Phoenix, as well as opportunities to donate time, money or supplies in several ways. Interested individuals can sign up to provide assistance at LHI’s refugee center in Serres, Greece here. You can also sign up through sister organization Gathering Humanity to help resettle refugee families in Arizona by collecting household goods and setting up apartments for arriving families.

Midnight Publishing is an editing and writing company in Phoenix, Arizona, with a varied list of past clients and a devotion to assisting authors and entrepreneurs perfect their books for publication (contact us to discuss your project today!). Our staff is determined to continue enabling aspiring writers to share their stories, as well as to keep supporting worthy nonprofit organizations in Arizona as much as possible in 2019. Join us!