The Best Places in Phoenix to Write Your Novel

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Phoenix is not only a gorgeous city to live, but one that is perfect to support your fiction-writing endeavors. The staff at Midnight Publishing knows how important it is to cultivate an environment of creativity and productivity (we are a bunch of editors, content creators and writers ourselves!), and sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the office. Below are some of Midnight Publishing’s favorite Phoenix places to get some writing done—we hope you’ll check them out:

1. Lux Central Coffeebar and Other local Phoenix Coffee Shops

This underground Phoenix coffee shop is a hidden gem, known for its trendy concoctions (both caffeinated and alcoholic) and “lack of a sign.” Starting out as a little-known secret in the downtown area, Lux has now grown to be a hip choice for Phoenix’s young and fashionable crowd—as a writer, you’ll fit right in. Choose one of their several rooms to sit and type away, but know that the wifi leaves something to be desired since they’ve grown so busy. Want something a bit quieter? Try Cartel Coffee Lab, a Tempe favorite, or Altitude Coffee in Scottsdale near the Green Belt.

2. Changing Hands Bookstore

This Arizona cornerstone is known for its community involvement and commitment to supporting local authors and businesses—what a perfect cause! With two locations, one in Tempe and another in downtown Phoenix, be sure to peruse the stacks of curated novels and knick-knacks in the gift area before taking a seat at a table to start your writing. Even better? Check out the First Draft Book Bar in downtown for a pint of local brew while you create, a la many famous authors from the past.

3. Meetup Groups

If you’re looking for a more social outlet for your writing (and some useful critiques!), visit some of the Meetup groups that happen all over Phoenix every week. The Central Phoenix Writer’s Workshop boasts over 1,855 members and schedules several gatherings throughout the week to exchange work and offer opinions. Try the one on Monday night at Songbird Coffee and Teahouse in downtown Phoenix, or consider another noteworthy group like the Writer’s Round Table of Phoenix.

4. Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

This space explores facets of creativity in its many forms and provides a perfect backdrop for quiet, contemplative moments before sitting down to write. Peruse the museum’s outdoor Nancy and Art Schwalm Sculpture Courtyard, and visit Knightrise—an outdoor enclosure designed by Arizona-based artist James Turrell that plays with the perception of our sky.

5. Local Parks

With weather that’s gorgeous for many months a year, parks are a fantastic place to get some longhand writing done (or typing, if you don’t mind the reflection on your computer screen). A Scottsdale favorite is the clean and well-kept McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, which offers miles of grass and shaded tables, though it’s a kids’ haven and might be a little loud if you forget your headphones. For something more low-key try Chaparral Park, or for a truly calming experience, the Japanese Friendship Garden Ro Ho En in Phoenix.

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