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The term “ghostwriter” is one often rife with confusion and misinterpretation in the writing community for those looking into the service. Midnight Publishing has been offering editing and ghostwriting services from trained professional editors and writers for nearly a decade, and we’d love to debunk some of the myths surrounding what ghostwriting entails, and what our ghostwriters can do for you. Let’s start with the basics:

What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is a very broad term for assistance from a professional writer in organizing, creating, and executing the vision of a manuscript. Ranging from non-fiction and memoirs to textbooks and novels, Midnight Publishing’s ghostwriters have a wide range of experience in working with clients and entrepreneurs from all fields.

A Step-by-Step Guide on the Process of Ghostwriting

First things first, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to ghostwriting. Clients have come to us with a general idea but no written content and a wide range of freedom, while others have provided an entire manuscript of raw material that needs to be reorganized for cohesiveness and clarity. That’s what Midnight Publishing loves so much about the service—no two jobs are alike, and we really get to flex our creative muscles when it comes to translating our clients’ ideas onto paper. Below is a generic list of several ways the ghostwriting process works with us, and when you’re ready to discuss scheduling your own project, we can be contacted anytime to discuss!

1. A client can come to Midnight Publishing with:

  • A general idea but no written content.
  • Written notes or an outline for the overall project, but no edited, completed material ready for publication.
  • Written content intended for inclusion in the completed manuscript, but that requires intensive editing and potential rearranging, with additional material written by the ghostwriter.

2. Midnight Publishing analyzes project needs, client requests, and any existing material then gives a quote on work needed and pricing. Our editorial and ghostwriting packages vary based on the specific requirements of the author, but for some general pricing information, check out our page here!

3. Once Midnight Publishing has provided a total for the project and a time frame for its completion and the client agrees, contracts are signed and the client is placed on the schedule to begin!

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Commonly Asked Questions

1. What Kinds of Books do We Assist With?

We have experience ghostwriting for many genres and lengths, including non-fiction, fiction (contemporary, literary, high/urban fantasy, adult/erotica, etc.), memoirs, self-help/inspirational books, cookbooks, and more. If you don’t see your desired genre listed, please get in contact with us to share more about the project and see if we might be the right fit or can refer someone who is!

2. How do Copyrights Work Between Midnight Publishing and the Ghostwriting Client?

Ghostwriting clients retain all rights to their manuscripts at all times, as detailed in the contracts signed by both Midnight Publishing and the client. Whether Midnight Publishing staff is mentioned as the ghostwriting service on the project is discussed for each book, and is not a requirement.

3. What Happens if the Result Isn’t the Vision the Client Originally Had, or the Client Doesn’t Like the Finished Product?

Midnight Publishing prides itself on continued, regular communication with the ghostwriting client throughout the project. The ghostwriter will continuously send material to the client for thoughts, revisions, and feedback so that the completed manuscript is exactly as the client wanted. We understand how personal books are to each author and do our utmost to touch base with the client every single step of the way!

Midnight Publishing’s award-winning staff of ghostwriters and editors have been working with authors in the Phoenix area and around the world for almost a decade, and we are currently scheduling clients! Don’t hesitate to reach out today and tell us about your ghostwriting needs, so that we can help you on the path to publication. Trusted with five million words and counting.